Terms of Membership

God's Youth *formerly CBCG Youth* was created for youth of like mind to have a safe and private place to fellowship, Make lasting Friendships, and have fun. We do want to keep God's Youth in a clean and Godly. To keep it this way we ask that you abide by the following set of rules

  • The content of the pages of this website is for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice.
  • Do not post anything that contains profanities, portrays a message that is corrupt, is offensive to others, or is generally inappropriate for youth in God's churches. Examples (chat discussions, photos, videos, comments, topics, profile answers, or songs.)
  • Don't post pictures, videos, or links to sites containing nudity (or partial), viruses, illegal content, spam, or related to the previous. Also, for to practical reasons, fan club groups are not allowed.
  • Use common sense when posting anything, this is a website created for youth in God's Churches. So please refrain from posting things that are sure to cause unnecessary heated arguments, such as: political arguments, conspiracies, etc. Posting things in an "emotionally judgmental", "heated", or "argumentative" manner will instantly result in your God's Youth account being suspended for up to two weeks. Repetitive violations of this rule will result in a permanent ban.
  • 4. Don't attack someone. If someone has a different opinion, don't criticize them. Instead, explain your thoughts and ideas in a reasonable manner. If someone has a different opinion on a Biblical subject, don't attack them or criticize them, set an example for them, and explain your opinion through the Bible.
  • Discussions in the chatroom are to be kept in a church appropriate manner.
  • You must be between the ages of 10 and 25 to sign up, after that you are free to keep your account as long as you follow the rules. Members over 25 are expected to hold to a higher standard and if caught violating the Terms of Membership will be banned instantly and without warning.
  • Not following the standards set forth on God's Youth throughout the internet may also result in your account being temporally suspended or permanently banned. (Example: Linking to an off-site profile, where you actively advocate drugs or harming people.)

We, the staff (Administrators, Moderators) of God's Youth, have the right to close or delete any topics for any reason, have the right to terminate your membership to this site, ban you, and delete any/all content that is found to be in violation of our rules. Staff positions are given only to those who don't violate the rules and are online frequently; asking for one will not help you receive the position. God's Youth is an official church website, it was created for the youth. It is sponsored by the Christian Biblical Church of God. You can find the Official at http://www.cbcg.org or http://www.churchathome.org